Terms & Conditions

Ironing will be collected and returned on request to your home or workplace between 6pm and 9:30pm.

Customers must provide items in a washed state. Items that have not been washed will not be ironed. You are required to ensure that any items passed to us are in a safe condition, and will not cause accidents to our workers.

Any clearly damaged/soiled items collected from you will be returned to you un-ironed to avoid any misunderstanding. In the unlikely event of a loss/damage to any of your items we will be pleased to compensate up to a maximum of £20 per item upon receipt showing original cost.

All garments are hand ironed, hung securely and covered with protective wrapping.

You are asked to provide all hangers; any items that are not put on hangers will be neatly folded & placed back in the bag.

Prices are dependent upon item.

We only employ experienced staff. We insist on a smoke-free pet-free environment to keep your clothes smelling fresh & clean.

If you are not available for collection or delivery at the normal time, you must tell us of any changes to avoid a wasted journey being made by us. An alternative collection and drop-off point for your items can be used.

Our collection and delivery is standard, however a charge will be made if you are unavailable on the agreed day and time for collections or deliveries, £2 per additional trips made.

Payment should be made to us on delivery.

Please understand by using our service you have agreed to the terms & conditions above.

All prices are subject to change.